AC & Heat Repair in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC

Accu-Air is a heating and air conditioning company that proudly serves the Durham and Chapel Hill, NC areas. We specialize in ac repair, heating repair, and HVAC replacement. Many people have heard the term “HVAC”, they may not know what it means. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which all maintain air quality inside the home. Here at Accu-Air, we are dedicated to providing quality professional service that you can rely on to maintain the highest quality of air inside your home. We understand that home heating and cooling can be a frustrating experience. This is why we pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ needs and meeting their expectations.

During the warm months of the year, nothing feels better than a properly cooled home. At Accu-Air, we install and service both central and local air conditioning systems to keep you out of the heat. Our air conditioning services include the maintenance and installation of products such as central air conditioners, mini-splits, PTACs, and evaporator coils among several others.
For those chilly times of the year, you need to trust somebody to keep you warm. Look no further than Accu-Air. We repair various heating systems and components to make you comfortable on those chilly days. Our heating repair services include the installation and maintenance of heat pumps, gas furnaces, and fan coils among other heating components.

Here at Accu-Air, we are a family owned and operated company that takes pride in meeting all of your residential and commercial heating and cooling needs. So when it comes time to trust somebody to help keep your home comfortable, look no further than Accu-Air Heating & Air Conditioning in Durham, NC.

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