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Common Cooling Problems

During these hot summer months, do you find that your house is still hot despite owning an air conditioner? If you find yourself without air conditioning, don’t rush to simply replace it. There are many problems that air conditioners may have and most can be corrected by a professional. Here are a few of the common cooling problems:

Refrigerant Leak
An air conditioner cannot run correctly without a sufficient amount of refrigerant. If your unit is low, you must contact a professional to ensure that the correct refrigerant amount is added. A/C units require exact amounts of refrigerant based on their manufacturer.

Electric Issues
Air conditioners can also be affected by electrical issues. A/C units have compressors and fans controlled by electricity and they can wear out because of wire corrosion. This common problem is not something that you should attempt to fix yourself. If the problem is electrical, it is always best to contact a professional.

Faulty Fan
Air conditioning units depend on a fan taking the heat from inside your home and transferring it outside. If it is not working correctly, it can overheat or cause internal damage to the compressor.

Frozen Coil
Frozen coils can be caused by a few factors. It can be a result of low refrigerant levels, bad ductwork, or unclean filters. Always make sure to keep your air conditioning unit clean so that it runs efficiently.   
Even if you keep your air conditioning unit clean, these common cooling problems can still happen. If you think any of these issues are happening in your home or commercial building, contact Accu-Air Heating and Air Conditioning! We are proud to provide professional AC repair and HVAC replacement to the Chapel Hill and Durham, NC area. Call us today!

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